Saturday, 28 May 2011

2nd Year Done

Right, hopefully that's my second year done. I've now handed in all my coursework(and got extremely drunk to celebrate afterwards), so hopefully what I've did has been enough to warrant me a pass.
For people thinking that I was actually creating a game using a game engine, it was just a report so that's been done too. I have no idea how unreal works, so I just wrote what I could.

Anyway, I now need to decide what I'm going to be posting about in this blog over the summer now. Either daily shenanigans or if I decide to work on stuff like 3D then show you guys that progress or something. I tend not to make plans as I find they don't happen. I tend to take stuff as it comes along. Anyway, lemme know what you guys think. What do you wanna read in the blog?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Game Engines

Anyone have ANY idea how these work? Currently trying to write an essay on how I would make my game concept real using a Game Engine like Unreal or Unity or something.
It's actually pretty difficult I've got a book called Mastering Unreal Technology: The Art of Level Design, although it doesn't seem to help that much. Although I will figure out a way to write this essay. Wish me luck guys.
Also I still need to write the other half of my Game Concept. Should have it done by Friday!
Wish me luck!


Friday, 20 May 2011

Presentations, Pitches and Passes, OH MY.

So I did presentation for Developing Game Concepts.
I have to say it went pretty well.I mainly went up, looked at the slides I made the night before and essentially winged it. The lecturer enjoyed it.
The game involves a 2D character getting thrown into the future where everything is 3D and said character has to make his way through different levels, some being 3D, some being 2D and some being both.
He said I did everything he essentially asked. So I was rather pleased. Still got more coursework though. Getting that done now though... just taking a break to write this blog post.
I'm hoping, obvious, to pass this year. I almost finish and I don't want to do any resits. If I have a resit then I'll do it but it's one of the last resorts. The very last resort being repeating second year.
So now, I've decided to get capped at a D grade. It's a pass, but it's better than handing in nothing. So instead of handing it in today I will be handing it in hopefully next Friday.
So hopefully I will get the D now.
Wish me luck guys. I'll keep you updated.
What I'll probably end up doing after I finish everything will work on 3D modeling and keep you guys updated on that.
Chris out.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Girl Suspended From School For A Facebook Post!?

Story here.

My opinion.
She is a THIRTEEN year old girl. Let me ask you guys something, when you were 13, were you politically correct? Did you make nasty comments about your teachers to your friends? Yes? So did I. Now tell me, if you were 13 and had a facebook, would you make a status saying what this girl said? "I wish Osama had killed my math teacher." Some of you might, some of you might not. I might have, I had a teacher in high school I despised and if I had a facebook I probably would have made a sarcastic comment too about her.

We're stupid at 13, we make irresponsible comments. We're impulsive, we say things on a whim.

What really grinds my gears though is the comments in the article of people thinking that it's great she got suspended from school and that she should have to make an apology to the teacher. Now that the teacher know, yes, she should apologise, but the teacher shouldn't have known about a comment probably every student in the class has made already! The parent who phoned the school to rat out a thirteen year old instead of calling the mother is just being irresponsible and stupid. I mean, really, what type of person does that? It's just rude. The girl is now scared to go back to that class because the teacher now knows. Hell, wouldn't anyone? Maybe it's just my own confidence talking, but I'd go back in, say "'Hey" to the teacher, shake his hand and say "No hard feelings, sir?" Then again, I am a 19 year old guy. We tend to be rather full of ourselves. If I was 13 at the time, I'd be crapping myself. That math teacher will probably give her bad grades now just because of a comment a girl made in the privacy of her own home. Pretty pathetic in my opinion. Then again, he could just remember his childhood and laugh it off.

The fact of the matter is, it was the parents problem, not the school. The mother that phoned the school is in the wrong. I'd bitch slap her if she did that to my daughter. (NB: I don't have a daughter.) You tell the parent not the school! The comment was made at home, and not shown at school. So why the hell involve the school!?

In conclusion: Learn that there is a thing called free speech in the world. Americans reading this, you fought very hard to be able to say what you want in the word. You achieved that... somewhat. Don't try and censor a thirteen year old girl for speaking her mind.

There's another case like this. Click here for it.

See ya.
PS: Yay for being politically incorrect!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


So I've got 4 lots of coursework to do for Friday. Pain in the ass. Never leave stuff to the last minute. Also found out I have a presentation along with one of the courseworks too.
Coursework includes:
Game Engines - Essentially I need to write a game pitch and then describe how I would put it into a game engine eg Unreal.
Developing Game Concepts - Presentation pitch on Friday morning, and 5 documents for a game concept.
Interaction Design - Nothing really to do with my course. It's a resit too. Not sure what I need to actually do.. due for Friday..

And to top it off I need to finish the business coursework. Nearly finished now, just need 1000 more words. Fun times.

*Breakdown in 3..2..ferifgjiedj*

For Games Engines, I got a massive book for Unreal as I never went to one of the classes. I have no idea what to write yet. Anyone got a good game concept?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Never Do Business Management

As a Games Design and Production Management student, part of my course involves business. I'm currently *trying* to do a report for it. As I said *trying* and failing. I can do it, it's just so boring. Give me a topic I'm interested in. Give me Fallout 3 or Portal 2. Give me a game to talk about and I will play it for hours and then write everything I can about it. The report is due for tomorrow and I still have't finished it. God help me. Plus everytime I sit down, something else becomes a distraction! *ahem* Blogger *ahem*.

The report itself is a reassessment about Ford Motors. I've got to identify using the case study, Fords primary stakeholders and then apply certain models to it and then say other stuff about it. *That's.Just.The.First.Question.*
There are 3 in total. Plus I need to write a summary, introduction, conclusion and then name all my references using Harvard Referencing. Now those of you that have used that type of referencing know how much a pain in the ass it is for students.

Anyway, enough of blogging. Back to work.
Before I head, however. Take a look at this guy. Ninja Portal! Portal Ninja Tricks.
On another note, how do you guys like the new layout? Pretty good I hope!
Right guys, I'm off.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just a little personal note.

So hey, you've found this blog. Which is awesome for me because it means people can read what I write and hopefully want to read more. So let's start with the basics.
I'm Chris, I'm a second year university student. I study Games Design and Production Management. As I'm writing this I am currently 5 days away from finishing my 2nd year.

As such, I'm not sure what I will write about yet.  Probably about my ordeals (especially in the next few days as I'm finishing coursework.) And then over the summer just random stuff in my life. Should be interesting! I'm hoping to get a job in Europe during the summer as maybe a games tester or something. If not I'll work in either my hometown or my university town.

I am on youtube too. Which is really fun for me. I like making videos, although publishing them is a different story especially when they're just vlogs. My vlogs are nothing compared to the standard of Nerimon, Charlieissocoollike or the vlogbrothers or wheezywaiter. They are all very talented video makers and I aspire to be able to make videos like them some day. In any case though, here's my channel! Acuday's Youtube.

So if you've found this and want to continue reading then thank you very much! I much appreciate it and I look forward to telling to the ordeals to being a games student/vlogger.

Thanks all!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Persona Soundtracks!

Hey Guys! Well, my old blog is pretty inactive! So I thought I'd create a new one in order to give people what they want. So I give you Shin Megami Tensei: Persona OST's. I'm such a nice person...

First of all~! Persona 4!


But wait~ There's more!

Persona 3 FES

FileSonic: (Please bear with the ads!)

And there will be more later.. but for now I give you the last one of today..

Burn My Dread Reincarnation OST

Filesonic:(Again, bear with the ads! You can skip in 5 seconds!)

NOTE: If the soundtrack is available in your area then buy it please! The developers worked hard to make the game and they are all amazing soundtracks. So by all means, download, but if you like them then buy them too! :)

That's all for now guys! Thanks for reading! :)

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