Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Game Engines

Anyone have ANY idea how these work? Currently trying to write an essay on how I would make my game concept real using a Game Engine like Unreal or Unity or something.
It's actually pretty difficult I've got a book called Mastering Unreal Technology: The Art of Level Design, although it doesn't seem to help that much. Although I will figure out a way to write this essay. Wish me luck guys.
Also I still need to write the other half of my Game Concept. Should have it done by Friday!
Wish me luck!



  1. Studying games seems to be the dream job!

  2. Game engines are just that, an engine. You have to build everything else around it.

    If you search the internet you should be able to find some decent tutorials about the game engine you want to pick up. But basically all they do is handle the calls to the graphics card and set up a workspace to program/design a game.

  3. @B. Hunter
    The concept I'm doing though is a 3D Fighting Game. So far haven't found any tutorials.

  4. Eh Yeah i've used unreal engine but I am no where near a master. I know a few masters. It's very hard but there's a lot of online stuff to get you started.

  5. After the game is ready share with us!

  6. Not sure but don't engines handle the physics of the game world and also limit what character modules can actually do? I've noticed that of the games I've played built on the source engine, they all seem like pretty much the same game but with a different graphical overlay.

  7. Good luck, if you figure out the one for Fallout 1&2 let me know. haha


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