Tuesday, 17 May 2011


So I've got 4 lots of coursework to do for Friday. Pain in the ass. Never leave stuff to the last minute. Also found out I have a presentation along with one of the courseworks too.
Coursework includes:
Game Engines - Essentially I need to write a game pitch and then describe how I would put it into a game engine eg Unreal.
Developing Game Concepts - Presentation pitch on Friday morning, and 5 documents for a game concept.
Interaction Design - Nothing really to do with my course. It's a resit too. Not sure what I need to actually do.. due for Friday..

And to top it off I need to finish the business coursework. Nearly finished now, just need 1000 more words. Fun times.

*Breakdown in 3..2..ferifgjiedj*

For Games Engines, I got a massive book for Unreal as I never went to one of the classes. I have no idea what to write yet. Anyone got a good game concept?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Have fun with all thank and good luck

  2. wow interesting blog,follow me for more news

  3. Right imagine this. You're a group of high schoolers, right? And, you're given the task to save the world because the adults are unable to. Also: one of them is a giant blue animal for the furries.

    There we go. It's a start. If you just use the template that every Japanese game uses then you need little brain processing power.

  4. Cool blog man, it must be cool studying video games :D

  5. Great post! I like your blog!

  6. I always leave things to the last minutes, I tried, but can't stop.


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