Friday, 20 May 2011

Presentations, Pitches and Passes, OH MY.

So I did presentation for Developing Game Concepts.
I have to say it went pretty well.I mainly went up, looked at the slides I made the night before and essentially winged it. The lecturer enjoyed it.
The game involves a 2D character getting thrown into the future where everything is 3D and said character has to make his way through different levels, some being 3D, some being 2D and some being both.
He said I did everything he essentially asked. So I was rather pleased. Still got more coursework though. Getting that done now though... just taking a break to write this blog post.
I'm hoping, obvious, to pass this year. I almost finish and I don't want to do any resits. If I have a resit then I'll do it but it's one of the last resorts. The very last resort being repeating second year.
So now, I've decided to get capped at a D grade. It's a pass, but it's better than handing in nothing. So instead of handing it in today I will be handing it in hopefully next Friday.
So hopefully I will get the D now.
Wish me luck guys. I'll keep you updated.
What I'll probably end up doing after I finish everything will work on 3D modeling and keep you guys updated on that.
Chris out.


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