Thursday, 23 June 2011

Confirmed Results

So after this week, grades have been confirmed. Two of which are fails. One of which I should be able to retake during my third year. However, now that I know WHAT to expect, since I doubt the module will change, then I know I'll be able to pass it. The other one, I'll have a reassessment which I'll be able to do and submit before the summer is over. So, I'm hoping for the best now. I shall keep you updated on my progress and shall inform you of what the reassessment involves so that those interested in a course like mine can know what to expect. So far, however, I haven't received word of what the reassessment will involve but it will be something to do with a game concept, or more precisely, my game concept. As I said, I'll keep you updated.

/University post ended. Below is a more personal post.

So for the past few days, I've just been taking advantage of the PSN Welcome Back Package. I've played inFamous which is actually a damn good game and according to a friend of mine the second one is just as good. So I shall probably be purchasing that.
I've also been playing Burnout Paradise (Free for PSN Plus), I already had it for the xbox but I never quite got into it because I had no friends to play it with, well, no internet for my live in my student accommodation. So I stopped playing, which I now regret in a way. Well.. not really, xbox is broken now, even so I wouldn't be able to play the game as I have a launch console. Yep, I have one of the oldest 360's. It's served me well over the years, but with the latest update and my RRoD.. I am in need of a new one.

Anyway, I'm rambling. One of the things I wanted to mention is that I have been asked by my friend to write reviews as his review site is expanding. So in the next few days, I shall be writing a review for "The Beaver". Which is a rather interesting movie. Look forward to it. I'm not an experienced reviewer but I shall try my best none the less. The site is here: Spoony Bard Reviews

Now, if you don't like personal posts then I can make a new blog and make them there, however if you want to read stuff like this, and my progress in life as I go along then comment below because then I will continue. The reason for not making a few posts in the last while is that I've had nothing to write. Although, I'm sure I can do little ramblings if you want me to keep active.

Now, I'm going to finish watching Torchwood. Leave your comments and please ignore bad anon posts. They are childish people from my old high school who I haven't seen in two years. Just ignore them as they aren't worth the time nor the effort.

Thanks for reason.


  1. If you like Infamous you should try [Prototype] then :) Also, I agree..get a new Xbox :D

  2. @Heather. Yeah, I noticed the similarities of the games. I've also played Prototype on the PC, it was quite good. :)

  3. Totally cool with the personal stuff. Your blog tittle brings me to expect it anyways.


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