Sunday, 12 June 2011


So I got all my results back. Well... Provisional results. Mainly D's. B, D, D, D, Fail, Fail. Now I'm working on rectifying the fails. You guys could actually help with this.I may have a good imagination, but when it comes to interaction designs.. my imagination is limited.

Essentially, I need to do this assignment and then make a case(I only need 1 mark in order to pass this one) to see if I can bring it up to a D. It's not my favourite assignment. I really don't like this module. I'm just lucky that if I pass, I won't have to do it next year.

So, the assignment is an icon assignment.
What is must do is(and I'm just gonna copy paste here as I'm feeling too lazy to type it all out) is:

  • Choose 3 actions that appear to have a universal meaning in terms of icon design. Find 3 different styles of icon for each action that illustrate this universality and find one icon that appears to have somehow missed the point. Explain your choice of icons.
  • Choose 3 actions that do not seem to have a universal icon style and find 3 different versions to illustrate this. Explain your choice and what rationale you think lay behind their design.
  • You are working for a company who has designed a robot to cut the grass completely automatically. You can assume that the robot knows the boundaries of the lawn (perhaps by having been taken around once by its user) and now the user has to make a number of settings. Design an icon for the following items:
    • Increase the cut height
    • Decrease the cut height
    • A warning that the grass box is full
    • A warning that the blades need sharpening
    • Engage the blade sharpening function
    • Set the robot to mow the lawn to produce parallel stripes
    • Set the robot for a criss-cross pattern (chess board style)
    • Set the pattern to diagonal, parallel stripes
    • Use the robot to scarify the lawn after cutting
    • Emergency stop
  • In each case produce the icon design and explain your design rationale
Try to get at least 5 people to guess what the icons mean – tell them that the icons will be on a control panel for a robot to cut the grass but no more.

So for the first one. I just went with whatever came into my head first. Phone, Camera and Block. Although, somehow I can't seem to find any icons that have missed the point with this. Anyway, I'm not asking you guys to do my assignment of course. But for the second point, I cannot think of any actions that do not have a universal icon style and that is seriously annoying me. If you guys can give me ideas for the three actions then I'd much appreciate it. 

I'll just be glad once this is all over.
And no I will not apologise for the inactivity. That's like apologising cause you have a busy life. 

So guys, tell me your thoughts. 

Or you know, just congratulate me on my mostly passing, as most of you will. :P
I was immensely pleased with my B. 

Thanks, Chris.


  1. I dont understand any of that. A "D" is passing?

  2. You were making silly blogs and vlogs a day before your coursework was due in and you wonder why you have done so badly.


  3. Fucking silly jerk.

  4. Draw a picture of a penis, that's your logo mate. Then draw some cooked bacon falling out of a pizza box onto a rug.


  5. Actually, I've not made a blog in quite a while, and when I took a break from studying I wrote a blog post. It's not that big a deal. In my opinion I actually did okay. I passed and I'm happy. The reason why I failed some modules weren't as a result of writing a post or two. It's because I didn't have proper notes and didn't understand completely what the coursework was asking.

    Needless to say I lol'd.

  6. This is Ross Palmer fae school mate, get a fucking life., ya fucken wee wank.

  7. Hmm.. doubt it's Ross Palmer. As me and him are actually friends. I'm assuming it's the people who used to enjoy trying to annoy me at school. You know who you are. Still trying after 2 years? We've not even spoken to each other in those 2 years. Have you guys really not matured at all? Wow, haha.

  8. Ross, you're coming across a bit obsessed with the guy. That's four quick posts, as you talk about how he wastes time with the blog. Ironic.


    Hope you like the prison food...and the penis.

  10. Rasenore, Anand Bhatt will provide answers.

    Listen to the uplifting album, "Soulja Boy: Unreleased Songs To FIll the Void That Chris Cornell Left"

    You will find it on Spotify.

  11. I thought this was a blog about a videogamer who was also studying something hardcore.

    Nonetheless. Its an interesting story to follow.


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