Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Mini Review

As a PlayStation Plus member (like most of the rest of the current online PlayStation 3 users), I have been granted access to Uncharted 3's Multiplayer beta testing. This post is essentially a mini-review on how the game is so far. Naughty Dog are still currently updating and fixing the bugs that seem to be present in the game.

First of all, let me just say that I haven't played the Uncharted 2 multiplayer so I have no idea how they differ, ‘nor did I know what to expect.

One of the first things noticeable things in the multiplayer is the ability to customise your character. Unfortunately, at least within the beta, this is not to a great extent. There are two teams of which you may customise your look specifically for that team. These teams are Hero and Villain. You may customise your taunts or clothing, and select one of four character skins (Drake, Victor and Treasure Hunter or Pirate on the villains team).

Next is the ‘loadouts’. You get two options for them: competitive (for general online battles) and co-op loadouts (for when you team up with a partner against hordes of enemies). The loudouts contain weapons and boosters (aka ‘perks’).

You also get Emblems in this game, most likely for clans and such. And, as previously touched upon, the final customisations are Taunts. These are the most pointless things to have in the game; although, a booster does allow you to get extra ammo for taunting over an enemy you killed. But the taunts, especially when used by Drake just seem ... really ... bad. The animation isn't that good, and just makes him look... for lack of a better word ... camp. They are funny for a second, but after that you just tend to forget about them. In the game you are usually moving constantly, and the taunt requires you to stand still. Of course with the map size (which I'll go on to explain in a minute) standing still for just a second could get you killed.

Now, we'll talk about the maps. You get two maps "Airstrip" and "Chateau", both of about equal size. Airstrip has two parts. The first segment is the most interesting part. This section of the map involves a battle for control of the actual plane itself, as it ‘drives’ down the airstrip. Players will be jumping on and off moving trucks to reach the plane, leading to a seemingly cinematic multiplayer experience. These trucks aren’t stationary either, and are often moving as well. The second part is the base, not really much to say about this part apart from the fact that it's a base where the two opposing teams attempt to dish it out.

The second map is ‘Chateau’. It is an old building with a garden both front and back. The interior is old and a little bit rotten. The middle part of the building can be burned down – and there is even a zip-line. This map is particularly well suited for Uncharted, with lots of great architecture for climbing to lay an ambush on enemies. It is also more colourful.

Now, on with the gameplay. So basically, you can imagine, it’s the same as most 3rd person shooters - except with the fact it also includes parkour, which Uncharted is famous for. So there’s not really much for me to discuss. Sometimes it’s annoying as you don’t get much health, and even if you dodge out of the way when you’re being shot at, you can still die - or if you’re punched - but you get used to them. Fortunately, health regenerates fast and the maps are full of different materials for cover. The fighting is very quick, but the game isn’t as dumbed down as titles such as Call of Duty.

Players can climb the buildings and various other objects, rather fluidly I might add. It adds a whole new dimension to the third person shooting. Weapons feel well balanced, where even the incredibly powerful rocket launchers have setbacks.

There were a few early bugs, which included the beta freezing your PlayStation or lag being so severe that even if the game ran out of time it would proceed into negative seconds. This results in you having to force yourself to quit and lose all of your money earned from the match, and possibly an updated rank. Also when this happened and you quit, you were disconnected from the server, and couldn’t get back in until you rebooted your PlayStation. Now, these bugs have been mostly fixed. Earlier today we managed to get through a match, then it froze before we could get the winnings (I was the MVP too).

Now, I’d expect the updates to further improve gameplay. As a games student I find this process quite interesting and I’m really glad that I am able to take part of this beta.  Uncharted 3 seems to be a game that I will, indeed, be definitely getting.

And so ends my mini-review. I told you it was mini, but hey, when you’re reviewing multiplayer you can’t do a full review - especially when it’s still in production. And so closes my first ever review. Peace.

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  1. I've never played uncharted before, but after reading about some of the stuff the third one has, I'm interested now a bit more. Good info


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